Our American Dreams Project

Students in Melissa Rock’s Cultural Geography class completed audio podcasts that explored “the concept of the “American Dream” through a cultural geography lens.” The unique work completed by each student group powerfully demonstrated their understanding of the “numerous struggles for inclusion and belonging in a diverse American landscape.”  Listen to an introduction to the project below, or browse the class website to hear the rest of the student work.

Digital Sculpture

"Hulk Jet" by Nick Tacca

“Hulk Jet” by Nick Tacca

Students in Joe Meiser’s Digital Sculpture class are learning to create 3d models of just about anything they can imagine, using digital tools and their visual design and composition skills. They are sharing finished renders of their projects, like the futuristic asteroid-deflecting spaceship depicted here, using a wordpress blog. Sharing their material on a public class blog allows the class to learn from each other’s work, and engage in a shared process of constructive criticism leading to better learning.