About the Center

Bucknell’s Bertrand Library is home to the Digital Scholarship Center, a public-facing space dedicated to digital collaboration, innovation, teaching and research. The center provides a comfortable and accessible space where members of the Bucknell community can collaborate on digital work, learn more about the best methods for employing technological tools in scholarly applications, and discover and experiment with emerging technologies.

Supporting Collaboration

The Digital Scholarship Center is a space designed around collaboration. The space is re-configurable, allowing it to be used for large discussions, small hands-on working groups, and a variety of working and meeting styles. Large format flat-screen video displays allow for digital work to be demonstrated, discussed, and worked on in real time. Video conferencing capabilities allow distant colleagues to collaborate along with local projects. ITEC staff assist in developing effective methods of collaboration utilizing the space provided by the center. The Stories of the Susquehanna project has already made extensive use of the collaborative space offered by the Digital Scholarship Center, and it will be supporting more projects and faculty working groups this spring.

Integrating Digital Approaches

The Digital Scholarship Center provides a space for ITEC team members, and others to demonstrate promising methods for integrating digital tools and techniques into classes and research. Technological demonstrations allow members of the campus community to learn about tools they may not have been aware of, or be exposed to best practices for using these tools. Interested members of the campus community can refer to the schedule of upcoming demonstrations to get a sense of what demonstrations are planned.

Exploring Emerging Technology

The Digital Scholarship Center houses interesting emerging technologies, making them accessible for faculty and students who want to experiment with these technologies and get a sense for what they can do. ITEC Staff provide support for this exploration, allowing members of the Bucknell community to get involved with cutting edge technology, regardless of their skill level. Current tools of note housed in the center include Google Glass and two Makerbot Replicator 2 3d printers.