2015 Summer Grants Awarded

Mellon and Technology Implementation Grants Awarded Bucknell faculty members and students have been awarded 2015 summer grants through Bucknell’s Andrew W. Mellon and L&IT Technology Integration grants. Course Design Recipients: Five faculty m … [Read more]

Funding Opportunities

Bucknell Digital Research Assistant Funding Application This year Library & IT has established a grant funding pilot program designed to support faculty-student digital research during the Academic Year. These micro grants, made possible in part … [Read more]

Technology Integration Grants Awarded!

In support of the recommendations of the Presidential Task Force on Integrating Open Educational Resources and Residential Learning, Library & Information Technology, through the support of the Office of the Provost, funded and is consulting with … [Read more]

Mellon Summer Grants Awarded!

As part of the $700,000 four-year digital scholarship grant Bucknell has received from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, four course design and six summer research project grants have been awarded for Summer 2014. Mellon Course Design stipends fulfill … [Read more]

Hybrid Learning Techniques

Bucknell professors are using digital technology to share their expertise with students in new and innovative ways. One method involves using digital video to explain ideas outside of class time. Philosophy professor Jason Leddington has used this … [Read more]

Place Studies Initiative

Bucknell's Place Studies initiative is using digital techniques, including mapping and video, to study the concept of place. Visit their Place Studies website to read more about their innovative work. … [Read more]

Teaching Spatial Thinking About Public Policy

To prepare for her residential college class, entitled "The Future is Now," Economics Professor Amy Wolaver worked with GIS specialist Janine Glathar and two student researchers to build a set of digital maps exploring health care costs and outcomes … [Read more]

Our American Dreams Project

Students in Melissa Rock's Cultural Geography class completed audio podcasts that explored "the concept of the “American Dream” through a cultural geography lens." The unique work completed by each student group powerfully demonstrated their und … [Read more]

Stories of the Susquehanna

The ongoing Stories of the Susquehanna project, lead by Bucknell professors Katie Faull and Alf Siewers, is an interdisciplinary investigation of the Susquehanna valley region of Pennsylvania. This ancient river valley, which is home to Bucknell, is … [Read more]

Bucknell Believes

Incoming students in Bucknell's class of 2015 were asked to submit an essay or video expressing some of their core values as part of the "Bucknell Believes" project. You can read some of the winning entries, and view associated videos at the official … [Read more]